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When you need a new air conditioner, there is no better family owned and operated company to call to get the job done right, than West-O-Plex A/C & Heating. We know air conditioner installation like the back of our hand and will be able to get in and out quickly and efficiently. We specialize in commercial services so we will always be able to get the job done for you. Give us a call at 817-244-2511 and we will go over the pricing with you and the different models that you can choose from. Once we determine what you are looking for, we will schedule a time that works best for you, that we can come out and do the installation. Before we leave, we always make sure everything is running correctly and that there are no problems with any of the other systems. If you have any problems with it moving forward, all you need to do is give us a call and we will make you a priority and get out to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

An air condition installation always seems to be needed at the worst possible time. Usually the dead of summer and on the hottest day of the year or at least that what it feels like for you. When this happens though, we make sure that we are able to come out as quickly as possible and get your system looked at. We will always try to make a repair if we think that will work, but there are going to be times that a repair just won’t suffice. This is usually when your system is getting old or it has had nothing but problems for a while. One of the best things that you can do, is hire an experienced air conditioning installation contractor. That way they can install the new system properly and you will feel confident that you won’t keep having any issues with your system. This will also allow you to have a good warranty so that if anything happens, they will come back over and make it right.

Here at West-O-Plex A/C & Heating, we are dedicated to making sure that your home is always in comfort and if it’s not, it is our job to make it right. Whether you need a commercial air conditioning installation or just an air conditioning unit installation in Fort Worth, TX, we are here for you in any way that we can be. Give us a call today at 817-244-2511, for help.

Some of The Brands We Offer

We can service and carry any brand that is out there, but we are authorized dealers for a few specific brands. We have been working on HVAC systems for so long, that we know how to service them all, so you never have to worry that we don’t work on something that you have.
We have four brands that we are authorized dealers for and those are, Lennox, Concord, Armstrong, and Trane. Lennox has been a top brand for over 100 years and is a great brand that will help you save energy in your home.

When you choose a Concord, they supply a factory warranty that will cover up to 5 years. This is great because if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about purchasing parts or replacing your whole unit, again. Choosing an Armstrong brand is an excellent option because it has been a top brand since the late 20’s. They offer a 10-year warranty when you register your unit. This is one of the best warranties out there and you will be very happy you chose an Armstrong. Choosing a Trane brand is an easy choice because you know you will get an exceptional piece of equipment that is backed by a company with over 120 years of experience.

If you have questions about the brand we back or any other brand for that matter, we are experts and will be more than happy to help you choose something that is right for you.

Common A/C Problems

When you Need A/C Help, We Are Here For You.

Air conditioner problems usually stem from a few small things. These small things can turn out to cause a lot of problems and even take your entire machine down with it.

Thermostat – Take care of your thermostat, it is what controls your A/C and is responsible for it working properly.

Filters – There is a reason we are always hounding you to change your filters regularly. That is because they play a huge factor is the way that your air conditioning works. If you are hearing noises from your A/C or aren’t getting good air flow, it is likely that your filters need to be changed. The best rule of thumb is to change them out every 3 months or when you can no longer see through them.

Compressor – When your compressor is not working the right way, your unit will not keep your home cool. It will start to run hot and then stop working altogether.

If your A/C goes out and you find yourself in need of an air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you call us at 817-244-2511. The team at West-O-Plex A/C & Heating is dedicated to making sure your home is always as comfortable as possible.

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