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The furnace of your property is an essential component of your HVAC system as it provides you with the heat needed in the colder seasons. At times, like other parts of your home,  it can develop problems that will cause a need for furnace repair. In order to have your system handled efficiently with proper knowledge of working parts, it’s best to rely on a professional technician to care of the unit. Make sure to reach out to a professional for any questions, until then here is some general information regarding furnace repair that may prove useful to you when it starts to act up.

What can cause a furnace to stop working?

A furnace may act up and stop working for a variety of reasons. Dirty filters are a common cause for problems with a furnace as it can restrict airflow with the dust and dirt it accumulates. If it gets too clogged it can cause the furnace to shut off since the heat exchanger will overheat. Since your heater won’t warm up your house it will require furnace repair measures to be taken.

Can a dirty filter cause your furnace not to work?

Dirty air filters can cause the furnace not to work while also disrupting energy efficiency as the blocked air from dust and other contaminants will cause the HVAC system to work in overtime in order to produce the right amount of air needed for the property.

Can a dirty furnace filter cause a fire?

Only in extreme cases will dirty air filters pose a fire hazard. This occurs when a dirty air filter becomes so clogged the filter itself will get sucked into the system which compromises airflow and can run into other parts.

Can a dirty furnace filter make you sick?

Dirty air filters can make you sick as they carry allergens, dust, pollen etcetera into the home when they are not changed/cleaned as they should. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, indoor air pollution caused by dirty air filters can trigger allergic reactions and sinus congestion from animal hair, pollen, and mold. What’s more, if you are exposed to indoor air pollution for long periods of time even you can develop allergies or asthma even if you did not have them before.

How do I clean my furnace?

  • Turn off power/gas to the furnace. 
  • Clean furnace surfaces. 
  • Remove the blower. 
  • Carefully clean the blower.
  • Clean the pilot or hot surface igniter.
  • Clean the flame sensor.
  • Inspect the drive belt.
  • Lubricate (but not too much).
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Activate the burners.
  • Adjust dampers.

How do you troubleshoot a furnace?

There are ways you can troubleshoot furnace problems before furnace repair is needed. First, clean or replace the air filter. Then see if replacement batteries are necessary for your thermostat. Another thing to check is that the power switch near furnaces is flipped on and that electrical panels don’t have tripped breakers or blown fuses.

When should I call my furnace repairman?

When you see that your furnace is having problems and needs furnace repair a furnace repairman will be able to provide you with the help that you need. Especially with advanced cases such as with gas leaks, it’s important to get issues handled with a professional in order for your safety to be maintained. Some signs to keep adrift on are with strange smells, strange noises coming from the furnace, and irregular blowing.

Should I fix or replace my furnace?

The age of your furnace will determine whether furnace repair or replacement is necessary. With systems more than 15 years of age, it may be time to consider a replacement so there is not a significant drop in energy efficiency.

How long should a furnace last?

Furnaces can last for 15 years on average yet some can last over 40 years or around 15-30 years with typical gas furnaces. This all has to do with yearly furnace maintenance as keeping it serviced regularly will prolong the life of the unit. 

Does a furnace need to be serviced every year?

In order to ensure proper system function, your furnace should be checked at least once every year. Many furnace manufacturers recommend that inspections and maintenance by a technician be handled annually since warranty terms are clear concerning damages from lack of proper maintenance.

Get In Touch With a Professional Regarding Furnace Repair

When you notice that your furnace is acting up only a professional HVAC technician will be able to properly diagnose and treat your furnace. Furnace repair should be applied when needed especially for more complicated or advanced cases of furnace repair as this will allow your furnace to maintain operations for many years before a replacement is necessary. What’s more, furnace repair will prevent small problems from growing into larger ones as parts can affect one another when damages are present. Get in touch with your local HVAC company to discuss what options are available to you concerning proper furnace repair. 

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