How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

Here in Texas, there are certain things you don’t do. You don’t touch another man’s cowboy hat, you don’t take away our Blue Bell or Dr Pepper, and you don’t mess around with our air conditioning. Now, if you’re new to The Lone Star state, you may not realize how important those things are, but you can be certain by mid-June, you’ll know how important air conditioning installation is for survival here. 

If you’re going to go to the expense of having air conditioning, go that extra few dollars and have a professional that knows how to install an air conditioner system to the work. Why is that recommended?  The air conditioning installation process isn’t just a matter of setting it in place then plugging it in. The wiring needs to be correct, or you could short-circuit the air conditioning and all the wiring in your home.  Then there is the refrigerant. Extreme care needs to be used when installing this chemical, and in most cities and states, it has to be done by a licensed contractor. So, go with a professional air conditioning installation contractor and have it done right from the beginning. 

A split air conditioning system is a unique type of air conditioning. The condensing unit and the evaporative coil unit are separate and connected by a copper tube. That copper tube  carries the refrigerant between the different units.

In most cases, a professional split air conditioning installation can be completed in one day. For a DIY homeowner with no experience, it can up to two days. 

Can I install a split system air conditioner myself?

Yes, maybe.  A ductless mini split system has refrigerant lines and high-voltage electrical connections and wiring. These can be tricky to work with and as we stated earlier, there are some cities and states that require the refrigerant to be installed by a licensed contractor. The same is to be said with the electrical components as well. 

So, before you pass on the air conditioning with installation to do your own, air conditioning installation, check the local building code and ordinance. If you are having it professionally installed, you need to inquire about any necessary permit requirements as well. 

If all is a go for your do your own air conditioning installation, each manufacturer provides instructions with the unit, or you can download them from their website. Be sure to follow those instructions step-by-step for the specific details. Any short cuts on the refrigerant or the wiring, you could find yourself with a burned out mini split air conditioner system.

How long do reverse cycle air conditioners last?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is an air conditioning that cools and heats. Experts recommend  having these service in the autumn and again in the spring, like you would an HVAC system. However, if you use your reverse air condition system 24/7, you may need to have it inspected and service 3 to 4 time a year. 

Can an electrician install an air conditioner?

Yes, but just as we have warned the city and state where you live may require the electrician to be licensed in his given profession and have a license for install the refrigerant. Being certified and licensed as an electrician doesn’t necessarily mean they are licensed for refrigerant too. 

How long can you run an air conditioner continuously?

In general, central air conditioner unit will run between fifteen and twenty minutes for 15-20 minutes, enough to cool down the house. However, in extreme heat, typical of Texas, if may run longer because it is working against those high temperatures. If you’re not feeling anything cooler after that time frame, you need to have a professional air conditioning professional inspect your air conditioning system.  

Once your air conditioning installation for home has been completed, you need to maintain a regular maintenance routine that will ensure it keeps working as it should. As we stated, experts recommend twice a year, more if you run the air conditioner 24/7. 

In addition to having it professional inspected and serviced, there are things you can do to keep your air conditioner working. 

  • Change or Clean the Air Filter – This is the easiest thing a homeowner can do to extend the life and service of their air conditioner. No less than every 30 days is recommended. 
  • Clean the vents and clean the outside unit – By keeping the vents and outdoor unit clean of debris, dirt, leaves, and trash, you’ll ensure its longevity. 
  • Do visual inspections of the pipes at the outside unit. 
  • Empty the condensation pan weekly. 

When an air conditioning system is neglected, it will quit working as efficient as it should. This results in two things:  Higher utility bills and the need to replace the unit sooner. Call 817-244-2511 today for split AC installation in Fort Worth, TX.


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