Your AC Maintenance Checklist

Air conditioning units outside a residence.

Dealing With Broken AC

What could be the worst thing to happen during the middle of a Texas summer? Yup, the air conditioning has quit working. By July and August, the humidity is higher than the temperature and it is downright miserable. So, to keep that from happening, the best thing a homeowner can do is keep their ac maintenance up each month and have professional ac maintenance and inspection every year. 

What is AC maintenance and why is AC maintenance important?

AC maintenance for the homeowner consists of changing the air filter every 30 days, check and emptying the drain pain every 30 days and cleaning the air return vents every days. AC maintenance by a professional ac technician will consists of voltage testing the system, checking the thermostat, inspecting the air ducts, belts, and vents. 

Professional ac maintenance will also include checking the drain pain and drain lines, check the refrigerant level and recharge if necessary, lubricate any moving parts and make sure the blower motor and fans are working properly.

These ac maintenance steps are necessary now as the humidity and temperatures are getting higher because we are using our air conditioning almost non-stop! The ac maintenance described above are important for the following reasons: 

  • Protects Your AC Equipment

Yes, a professional ac maintenance call will cost, but not near as much as it would be to replace your air conditioner! Keeping the ac maintenance on a schedule will extend the life of the ac system and gives the technician the opportunity to find small issues before they become a bigger and more expensive problem. 

  • Energy Saving

Preventative ac maintenance will keep your air conditioner working at optimum capacity which will help your energy bill because you won’t be adjusting the thermostat constantly. AC maintenance will include cleaning and oiling all the important parts like the blades, cooling coils, and other important components. When these components are clean and oiled properly, it maximizes the energy efficiency and that is a money saver with the utility bills.

  • Comfort and Peace of Mind

With routine ac maintenance by you and the annual checkup and ac maintenance by a professional, you can have a peace of mind your ac system is working properly and keep your family comfortable. 

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

In answer to the question of how often ac maintenance is needed for a brand new ac system, every two years is sufficient. After the fifth year, once a year is recommended, and by the eighth year, twice annually. Having AC maintenance service at these recommended frequencies will ensure that it is always working correctly and efficiently. AC maintenance for summer weather is a good idea once in the spring and once in the fall in preparation for winter use.    

How much does AC maintenance cost?

If you haven’t had any professional ac maintenance, you can expect the initial appointment to cost around $200.00. This will include a thorough inspection, cleaning, and tune-up that will bring your air conditioning system up to standards. 

If you have a routine of ac maintenance without a maintenance agreement, it cost around $75 or more for a basic cleaning and tune-up. To purchase an extended service contract that will include an annual ac maintenance check-up, the cost can vary between $150 and $500 depending on the size and type of HVAC system you have and the size of your home. 

Once you have an AC maintenance program in place, the technician can answer the question of how often you should have your air conditioner serviced. The older a system gets, the more frequent professional AC maintenance will be needed. Then, at a certain age, the technician will start talking to you about replacing the unit to be more cost-effective. 

What are the AC maintenance benefits?

There are ten reasons why you need to establish a professional ac maintenance program: 

  • Extend Your AC System’s Life

With a professional technician performing ac maintenance and inspection, they will often find and identify minor problems, fix them and save you an emergency ac phone call and repair. This will also keep your ac system running well and give it a longer lifespan. 

  • Better Air Quality and Health

An ac maintenance program will keep your air conditioning system running better and cleaner, making the air quality in your home better and healthier. 

  • Reduces Humidity 

Keeping the ac maintenance up will keep the humidity lower inside your home. As the air moves through the ac cooling and filtration system, it is pulling excess water out of the air. When that moisture isn’t pulling out, it is creating a mildew and mold environment that your family is breathing. 

  • System Upgrades

With the ac maintenance appointment, the technician can advise you of changes and upgrades in temperature control technology. These are things that will make your system run better like a smart thermostat or electrostatic air filters. 

  • AC System Efficiency Increased

An air conditioning system that is ineffective isn’t just keeping your home warm, but it is working harder and that is costing you more each month on the utility bills. With routine ac maintenance, repairs are made a soon as they are needed and that will keep it all running smoother, cooler, and be less expensive. 

  • Removal Of Unwanted Pests

During the summer, not only do humans want to be comfortable, so do critters and insects. With a routine ac maintenance program, the technician will find where these critters and insects are taking residence and remove them, block where they are entering, or advise you where structural repairs are needed, like the roof.

Technician working on an air conditioning unit.

In Closing 

So, are you thinking an AC maintenance contract may be an expense you can’t afford? Do you know how much a new AC system will cost you? Depending on the size of your home will determine the size of AC unit you’ll need, along with the brand and the model of the unit you choose. Pricing for a new HVAC system can start around $3,500 and go to upwards of $8,000. When you look at those costs, a $200 AC maintenance contract may not be so bad! You can learn more about this by reaching out to the West-O-Plex Air Conditioning and Heating team at 817-244-2511.