Do you need to service an air conditioner?

Your AC has been running great all summer, keeping your home cool and comfortable, with no problems. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you had problems with your AC. If you’re not having any problems with your AC, you may wonder, “Is AC service necessary?” While you may not be having problems now, one of the best ways to ensure you have no problems in the future is regular AC service.

Without regular AC service and maintenance, while you may not notice it now, your AC will steadily decline in performance. You may notice that decline as parts wear out and run less efficiently, which will lead you to paying higher utility bills. You may notice that eventually you’ll be paying for more and more repairs or that your AC needs to be replaced much sooner than expected. 

You should service your AC at least once per year to make sure it’s running efficiently and effectively. The best time to get a full check up is in the spring, or before the system will be in continual use in the hottest part of the year. You should also change the filter at least twice during the time you’re running it the most. Dirty filters account for many problems with the AC’s efficiency.

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Is an AC tune up worth it

Many people often skip getting an a regular AC service because they are not sure if they can fit such a service into their budget. What they don’t realize is that in the long term, without regular maintenance, they’ll be spending more on their AC unit than they expected. Regular maintenance actually saves you money in the long run. 

With AC service your unit will run more efficiently. If your unit isn’t running efficiently, it will use more energy, which will end up costing you more on your energy bills. Maintenance also increases your unit’s lifespan. Not only will regular service be able to catch small problems that can be repaired at low cost, if the unit runs more efficiently it puts less strain on individual components.

You’ll also be saved from emergency breakdowns in the hottest part of the year through regular AC service. The last thing you want is to have your AC suddenly breakdown when it’s over 100 degrees outside. Maintenance will ensure your unit will continue to work even in the hottest part of the year.

Air conditioners help maintain air quality in your home by filtering out dust and dirt. With regular maintenance, there’s less risk of dust clogging your air ducts or backing up in the unit’s drains and causing clogs that could lead to mold and mildew growth. 

Mold and mildew growth can be a serious problem for your health and can damage your home structurally. Anytime you have moisture build-up from issues like plumbing leaks, you risk getting mold. If you’ve had a pipe burst suddenly you may need an emergency plumbing service to get pipe repaired quickly to avoid serious water damage and moisture build-up.

What is included in AC service? 

When you get your AC serviced, the technician should perform several tasks that include:

  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Drain line flushing
  • Replacing or repairing damaged or faulty parts
  • Changing and replacing air filters
  • Checking the refrigerant and recharging it if needed
  • Checking for duct leaks and sealing them
  • Checking the thermostat to ensure it is accurate
  • Measuring the airflow in the evaporator coil

How long does AC service take?

The time it takes for an AC service will vary, depending on the service provided. Most will take somewhere around an hour, although if repairs are made, the repairs could take longer, depending on the type of repair required. If it is a major repair, the technician may have to order parts or return the next day to complete the repair. 

AC services cost

Regular maintenance costs will vary, depending on who services your system, and whether any repairs are needed. On average, an AC service will run anywhere between $75 to $150. Additional costs for various repairs or other services like refrigerant recharge will also vary. A refrigerant recharge could cost anywhere between $160 to $750, whereas a repair like replacing a fuse or circuit breaker could cost anywhere between $15 to $300. Other costs may include service fees or labor charges.

How to services AC

Although it’s recommended that you have a professional service your AC, there are some services you can perform yourself. Before you do anything, make sure to turn off the air conditioner and leave it off until all maintenance is complete.

One of the most significant maintenance services you can perform yourself is changing your filter regularly. This keeps your system running efficiently and can prevent other problems. You can also clean your condenser fan and condenser coils fairly easily as well. The condenser fan can be cleared of dust with a brush. The condenser coils can be cleaned using a garden hose. The coil guard will need to be removed before you spray inside the unit. You can also straighten and clean the condenser fins with a fin comb. 


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