How Much Does It Cost to Get An Air Conditioner Fixed?

Few things are worse than having your air conditioner break down in the middle of an interminably hot summer. In most cases, the routine application of HVAC maintenance will keep your AC unit working smoothly. If you need your air conditioning unit to be repaired, the costs vacillate between $163 and $533. Most homeowners report that they spend approximately $347.

Why Do Air Conditioners Stop Working?

There are many different reasons why your air conditioner may be malfunctioning. The reason could be as simple as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, check the outside of the unit and make sure that the condenser is working. Next, make sure the thermostat is set properly, and the unit is plugged in. One of the simpler fixes is to set the thermostat on your air conditioner five to ten degrees lower than usual. Also, make sure the air conditioner is set to ‘cool’. If the air conditioner still won’t switch on, or if the coil is frozen, you may have a dirty or blocked air condenser. Air conditioners provide a necessary service during high temperatures. If you need air conditioner repair, consult a local, trusted HVAC company to perform your cooling repairs.

How Do You Fix a Leaking Air Conditioner?

If you have a leaking air conditioner, there are several fixes you can utilize to try to solve the problem. The problem could lie with a cracked or missing drain pan. The drain pan is located underneath the evaporator coil and collects any condensate from your indoor unit. If the drain pan is cracked, rusted or misplaced, the water will not properly drain. A clogged drain line or a clogged air filter could alternatively be the culprits for the leak. Algae and fungi can clog your A/C condensate drain line. Pouring approximately six ounces of vinegar into your drain line every few months will kill all algae and fungi build-up.

If your air filter is clogged, air will be restricted, which leads to a wide variety of problems. Change the air filter every 30-60 days to avoid this problem.

How Do I Reset My Air Conditioning Unit?

The air conditioner needs to be reset when the circuit breaker is engaged and isn’t allowing the compressor to start. To this end, the circuit breaker will pop if there’s a surge in power supply or if there is a sudden blackout or brownout. This part of the system works to protect the air conditioning unit from fires and overheating. To begin, the air conditioning unit must have a steady supply of power and the current must be operating smoothly. Find the reset button, which is usually red and fairly small. Once you locate the reset button, press it continuously for three seconds, and then release it. After a few moments, press the button again for three seconds. The air conditioning unit should respond promptly with three beeps, and reset immediately.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Many people wonder how often their air conditioners should be serviced. If you want your air conditioning unit to function well for many years, it is appropriate to have your unit serviced once a year. Ideally, this should be in the springtime when you’re just starting to use the unit again. If you feel that your air conditioner should receive some routine maintenance, call your local, trusted HVAC repair company.

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioning units provide a valuable service for homeowners. Thus, it’s important to understand what kind of repairs your valuable unit needs. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly. The first is to remove the debris near the unit. While you may need some direction on this next item, the procedure remains invaluable: clean the condenser coils every spring. Replace any relevant HVAC filters. Check for loose contacts or electric connections. Lubricate the motors and bearings. Changing the refrigerant and ensuring the condensate drain is clear are two other items on the routine maintenance list.

Hot summers can be devasting for trees. If you need a tree assessment for your property, contact your local tree experts to receive an estimate accordingly.

Air Conditioner Repairman

It is important to select an air conditioning repairman, or company that has excellent credentials, and a good reference list. Trusted local companies may be recommended or found on the internet. Look for a varied list of services, and check out the type of air conditioners that the company specializes in. Before you call the company, write down the type of air conditioner you have, what model it is, and what you believe the problem is. A good air conditioning company will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. Understanding how troublesome a malfunctioning air conditioner can be is part of good customer service.

Air Conditioner Repair Questions

Feeling that cool rush of air as you step in from outside is integral in summer. But what happens when your air conditioner is malfunctioning? There is a limited amount of time before it’s time to consult your local, trusted HVAC company. You may consult the following steps to determine if you can resolve your air conditioning problems on your own.

  • Thermostats need a change of batteries from time to time. If the display on your thermostat is blank, it might be time for a battery change.
  • If the thermostat is still blank, the problem may lie with the power supply. Check your fuse box to see if any fuses have blown or tripped.
  • If the power seems to be working correctly, your condenser could be the issue. Check outside to see if a fuse has tripped.

At the end of the day, contacting an excellent AC repairman will be your best option if none of the steps yields the results you’re looking for.

Air Conditioner Repair Tools

An AC repairman must have both experience, expertise, and a solid set of tools in order to manufacture the kind of result that customers need. The list of tools that an AC repairman has is vast. These tools range from a/c refrigerants to A/V vacuum pumps and accessories, to manifold gauge sets. Refrigerant identifiers are also a part of the competent AC repairman’s arsenal.

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