Furnace wear and tear

Even in Texas, the winters can get cold, really cold. Sometimes, we go from a temperature of 75 to 40 in one day. The last thing you want on a day like that is the furnace not turn on. What can cause a furnace to stop working and cause you to have an emergency furnace repair?

There can be a number of causes of furnace problems, among them: 

  1. Maintenance: This is when you, the homeowner, don’t schedule the recommended annual furnace maintenance and inspection. The routine inspection and maintenance will minimize the need for those emergency furnace repair and keep the furnace working at optimal possibility. 
  2. Filter: The furnace filter needs to be changed or cleaned every 30 days. When left clogged and dirty, the airflow reduces, and the furnace has to work harder to heat. Not only does this cause an increase in your energy bill but shortens the lifespan.  By changing or cleaning the air filter, you may be able to eliminate a furnace repair service call. 
  3. Normal wear and tear: The normal wear and tear on anything will wear it out, including a furnace. When a furnace is wearing out, it can generate heat control-related issues, even allow the furnace to overheat.
  4. Ignition or Pilot Light: A faulty ignition or pilot light can cause a furnace not to fire up and heat your home. The thermocouple can go out, or any clogs in the system or drafts around the furnace can cause the pilot light to go out. 
  5. Thermostat: A thermostat can quit working properly, causing the comfort level not to set or the fan quit blowing. A thermostat is easy to change or you can schedule a professional furnace repair call to install a new thermostat. 
  6. No Heat: When a furnace doesn’t perform, it can be caused by the thermostat setting, electrical or gas power, or the pilot light not lit.
  7. Not enough heat: A clogged, or ill-fitted filter will keep the furnace heated air from circulating through the house.  
  8. Cycling: When the furnace keeps cycling from “On” to “Off”  is sometimes an indication of either a clogged or dirty filter or the thermostat setting. 
  9. Continuous running blowers: A blower that is continuously running, it is usually the switch needs to be replaced, an easy furnace repair. 
  10. Loud and noisy: A furnace that rattles, squeaks, or rumbles isn’t normal. This often indicates air reduction, clogged burner, or a mechanical problem. Schedule a professional furnace repair as soon as possible. 

What to do if furnace stops working?

The following are four issues that are common when a furnace quits working: 

  1. Dirty filters: As we mentioned earlier, the air filter should be changed or cleaned every 30 days to keep it from becoming clogged up. A clogged air filter will keep a furnace from blowing that warm air you’re looking for on a cold winter night. Change or clean that filter and you can probably save a furnace repair service call.
  2. The thermostat: This could be a simple fix you can do and save that furnace service call with this troubleshooting steps:  Sent the thermostat to heat and set it five degrees above the current room temperature. If the furnace turns on, it’s working. If not, change the batteries. If it still isn’t working, troubleshoot, set your thermostat to heat instead of cool, then set it to 5 degrees above room temperature and see if the furnace comes on. If it still doesn’t come on, change the batteries. Still no heat, change the thermostat or call a professional furnace repair call. 
  3. Make sure the furnace is on: This could be a silly question, but any furnace repair service calls have been fixed by turning the furnace on, especially if you have had it serviced recently during warm weather. If the furnace is on and the thermostat is set to heat, then check the circuit breaker or fuse. Make sure the blower motor’s cover is closed and secured and is turned on. 
  4. The air ducts: When you’re noticing cold spots through your home, check the air vents. Are they all open? Check the air ducts, they may need cleaning, or they may need repairing beyond what you can see. A furnace repair service call may not be the answer, but a professional air duct cleaning could be the fix. 

Should you repair or replace your furnace?

Other than the steps we have discussed here, or you have professional know-how to repair a furnace, it is recommended that you have a professional do any furnace repair needed. Whether the system is electrical or gas, attempting furnace repair yourself could do more damage. 

Can a dirty filter cause your furnace not to work?

Absolutely!  Furnace air filters trap the dirt, debris, and dust from your home, allowing the warm air to blow through the air cuts to be clean. When they aren’t changed or cleaned as recommended, the furnace can’t operate efficiently. The blocked and restricted air flow will overheat the furnace air exchanger and the furnace will eventually quit. 

How do you diagnose a furnace problem?

There can be numerous reasons why your furnace isn’t working correctly. The following are a few things you can check and depending on the results you get, you may need to schedule a furnace repair appointment. 

  • Furnace not starting: Check the furnace switch, the circuit breaker, the thermostat is on heat and on, thermostat batteries. If none of these work, you need to schedule a furnace repair call.
  • Cold air: Make sure the gas is on, the pilot light is on for gas-powered furnace. If everything you check is in proper order and you’re still getting cold air, call for a furnace repair service.
  • Motor runs but no heat: Call for furnace repair service. 
  • Motor won’t start: Call for furnace repair service. 
  • Flame comes on but cuts off: Make sure the furnace thermostat isn’t on auto, replace the thermostat and if those don’t’ fix your furnace, make a furnace repair call. 
  • Furnace shuts off: Change or clean the air filter, replace the thermostat, and if those don’t fix your furnace, a furnace repair call is needed. 

Are furnace repairs worth it?

Is your furnace worth professional service repair or is replacement the better option? A professional technician experienced with furnace repair and replacement can give you knowledgeable advice. If you’ve had repeated furnace repair calls, and the cost is more than half the cost of a new unit, it is time to replace the unit. Call 817-244-2511 today for furnace repairs in Fort Worth, TX.


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