Dealing with High-Demand Appliances

One thing many homeowners want to know is, does an air conditioner need maintenance? And the answer is, yes! Your air conditioner is a high-demand appliance that is used literally every single day. It is also the most likely appliance in your home to wear out faster than any other because of lack of maintenance. There are several internal and external parts that make up a heating and cooling system, all of which need to be addressed at least once a year, if not twice a year. For regular air conditioner maintenance in Fort Worth, TX, you need a reliable team of technicians. You can find them at West-O-Plex A/C & Heating. Give us a call at 817-244-2511 for more information.

What is AC Maintenance?

AC maintenance is the process of examining your air conditioning unit for damages or issues. In that process, cleaning the coils, replacing filters, and recharging coolant are also involved. All of these steps are taken to ensure that your appliance operates as efficiently as it possibly can. Otherwise, you may run into issues with lack of hot or cold air in your home. More than that, you may find reduced air quality within your home if your HVAC system is older and not very well taken care of. It is highly recommended to schedule time for air conditioner repair and maintenance at least twice a year. That would be once in the spring and once in the fall, just before the weather changes become too drastic. You can schedule air conditioning service with West-O-Plex A/C & Heating right now.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Benefits

Regular air conditioner maintenance for home units can and will provide lasting benefits that your whole family can experience. From money saved to better air to breathe, repairs and maintenance are critical to preserving your system. Most HVAC units are expensive, so you want to protect that investment as much as you can. And you can do that with schedule maintenance.

  • Better Energy Efficiency: All HVAC systems use and produce energy to heat or cool a home. When a system is older or operating past it’s capacity, it will need more energy to do the job. More than that, it will have a great energy output trying to operate. With maintenance, you can ensure your system is operating within its means and efficiency.
  • Longer Life: Most systems have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. If you are taking care of your HVAC unit, then it can last that time frame or longer. But if you aren’t maintaining your system, it will fail much sooner resulting in the need for a newer, costlier system.
  • Reduced Need for Repairs: Damage and repairs are inevitable with any high-demand appliance. But with consistent maintenance, the need for multiple repairs can be reduced. That’s because you are preventing small issues from becoming major problems. 
  • Better Air Quality: And as mentioned, an under-functioning HVAC system can result in poor air quality within your home. Schedule regular maintenance and you’ll notice a marked improvement of the quality of air you are breathing. 

Addressing issues with your HVAC system can seem pointless, but think of it this way. If your roof were damaged and you needed storm damage roof repair, you wouldn’t put it off until it was absolutely necessary. So why do that with your HVAC system? Air conditioner maintenance in Fort Worth, TX doesn’t have to be a chore. Contact West-O-Plex A/C & Heating for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?
    • Ideally, you should have your air conditioner and heating system serviced twice a year. So there should be one appointment in the spring and one in the fall, before the weather changes become drastic.
  • Is it necessary to service AC every year?
    • It is necessary to have year maintenance scheduled. Doing so will prevent sediment build up, which can cause internal issues. More than that, it will allow you to stay on top of minor issues before they become bigger.
  • What is involved in HVAC maintenance?
    • A technician will examine your entire unit as well as the ventilation system within your home for damages. They will check connections, valves, and any area that experiences regular stress. If any issue is present, they will make the necessary repairs.
  • How do I take care of my air conditioner?
    • Replace or clean the air filters at least once a month. Keep the area around your outside unit clear of any leaves or debris. And just generally keeping an ear out for any sounds that may be troublesome and addressing them as soon as possible.

Work With West-O-Plex A/C & Heating for All Your AC Needs!

Keep your home cool and comfortable this summer with regularly scheduled air conditioner maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. For that, you can rely on West-O-Plex A/C & Heating. Our team can expertly inspect and address any issue with your HVAC system. Start working with us today! Call 817-244-2511 to schedule your appointment.


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